Small Business Economics

About 10 years ago, before my business became profitable, paying my bills was a constant struggle. The unevenness of income and the many demands of running a business and a household meant that any dollar that came in had a multitude of vying needs. I remember coming home from a trip to Walgreens and truly envying the sales clerk at the register because at least [...]

Fragrance and memory

When I was a child I loved to play with matches. The illicit joy of creating my own light in darkness was liberating and strangely empowering. But half the thrill was the smell – that acrid sulfurous sharp inhalation of independence and potential danger was the essence of happiness. Childhood was all about  smells – soap, shampoo, frying, rain, mud, sweat and burning wood. Our [...]


Lighting adds character and warmth to a room.. and Himalayan Candles are full of character..  

New Dharamsala collections for Fall shipping

A central theme of metal containers filled with our most intoxicating and heady scents tie together this growing collection. These pieces will not be added to our website for the retail trade until they are fully in stock this August. Our wholesale customers can preview at the upcoming gift show in Atlanta, LA, NY, Seattle and Denver or contact us for a Fall/ Winter 2017 [...]